Social Media Policy

Social Media

Thank you for following or ‘liking’ my page on social media. I really appreciate keeping in touch with you through this page and I hope you find it a useful way to see the work I do in the Meriden constituency and in Westminster.

I want my Facebook page to be reflective of that policy and I find it a great shame if any political party or individual tries to make it otherwise for their own ends.

To that end, I operate some simple rules to help keep this page a place where we can come together in a positive way. Let's also not forget that Facebook allows users to join from the age of 13, so let's make this a friendly place that shows democracy and community work in a welcoming light.

You can see my clear Page Policy in the ‘About’ section, and I want to take this opportunity to remind all users of this page of that policy:


• Any posts containing offensive, expletive or aggressive comments will be deleted and the user banned from the page. This includes offensive language directed towards other Facebook users.

• When a user or users posts multiple posts of the same content on multiple posts made by the page, this will be considered spam and will be deleted and the user will be banned from the page.

• Users posting material on behalf of others who have been banned will be banned too.

• Page admins reserve the right to delete posts that are dishonest, or in bad faith, or in other ways contrary to clean political campaigning

• Page admins reserve the right to delete posts that are considered inappropriate or irrelevant to the page or the post in question. This includes, but is not limited to: commercial advertising, off-topic discussions or images containing obscenities or inappropriate content.

• Posts containing links to other Facebook pages or external weblinks that the page admins cannot easily verify as containing appropriate material will be deleted.

• Facebook users who have been banned from the page for breaking the page policy rules are done so on a permanent basis.


I monitor this page as often as I can, but am not always able to respond to every post or comment made. If you have specific policy enquiries you’d like to hear my views on, please do email me at

Similarly, assisting constituents with casework is an important part of my work, but to ensure that I do not miss a request for assistance, I ask that constituents don’t make requests via this page, but direct their request to my office, either through email or on the telephone number listed in the ‘About’ section of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my latest news. But, please, in return, help me keep this page a space where all community members can come together to read and share sensible and positive material that lets politics be at its best.

Thank you.