Whitegate Removal has left communites feeling 'disappointed and frustrated', MP tells CAA

Meriden MP, Dame Caroline Spelman has written to the Civil Aviation Authority to raise local concerns over their decision to remove the Whitegate flight path as part of the redesign of UK airspace. 

In her letter to the CAA, Dame Caroline wrote: "Having recently met with the Chief Operating Officer of Birmingham Airport, David Winstanely, I was shocked to learn that the decision to remove Whitegate had not been taken by the Airport and had instead been made by the CAA as part of the UK-wide planned redesign of national airspace. Furthermore that this action is to be taken without any formal consultation being carried out in the affected communities by the CAA.

"As this information was not made clear to residents through the consultation, I am sure you will appreciate that a number of residents will have responded to the consultation to demand that Whitegate is retained; unware that this is not an option as the ground beacons along this route are to be removed and the route discontinued.

"Whilst I appreciate the need to deliver a more efficient airspace, I feel it necessary to advise you as to the level of disappointment and frustration felt by local residents who live on alternate departure routes (Trent/BIMBA and Southbound) who, as a direct result of your decision, are now faced with an increase in the number of aircraft flying over their homes because of the removal of Whitegate".