Super-fast Broadband coming to Castle Bromwich

BT has announced a major investment in the West Midlands which could help create new businesses and hundreds of local jobs. High-speed fibre broadband will be rolled out to more than 95,000 more homes and businesses across the West Midlands in 2013 including Castle Bromwich. The latest phase will take the total number for the whole of the West Midlands region to more than 1.2 million homes and businesses.

By spring 2013 BT aims to make speeds of 330Mbps commercially available in any area where fibre broadband has been deployed. This is part of a £2.5 billion BT roll-out of fibre broadband across the UK. Recent research by Regeneris Consulting predicted that over the next 15 years BT’s fibre broadband could give the economy of a typical town a £143 million boost, create 225 new jobs and 140 new start-up businesses.

Local MP, Caroline Spelman, said: “I am delighted that residents and businesses in Castle Bromwich will soon enjoy the benefits of super-fast broadband. This will enable businesses to connect rapidly and to maintain fast services that can make all the difference in a competitive market. Over time, super-fast broadband should help to deliver economic growth and new employment.

“Families will appreciate the extra facilities that super-fast broadband offers: members can download a movie, watch a TV replay service, surf the net and play games online simultaneously. I am sure that this will please families where different generations can have conflicts over the use of computers, but most of all, the faster speeds will help children with their schoolwork.”

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