‘Multi-agency co-operation needed to improve local Motorway traffic chaos’ urges Meriden MP

In a recent Parliamentary debate on the future of the M6 Toll, Caroline Spelman raised local concerns over the sustainability of the M6 and M42 and urged the Government to work with local and national agencies to adopt a long term solution to traffic problems.

Whilst calling for greater Government and multi-agency co-operation, Caroline argued that serious consideration needs to be given to the road layout of the M42 Junction 6 (Birmingham Airport and the NEC), in order to help improve and sustain any future changes to the nearby M6 and, that a long term plan needs to be adopted in order to keep drivers on the move.

During the debate, Caroline also invited the Roads Minister, Andrew Jones, to visit Solihull Borough to meet with local organisations affected by the frequent congestion on the M6. Accepting the invitation, Mr Jones acknowledged that there has been long term under-investment in the UK road network, but reassured MPs that the Governments £15 billion Road Investment Strategy will soon see many underfunded roadways, including the M6, improved.

Speaking in the debate Caroline championed local concerns about the future of the M6 and M42 Gateway, stating; ‘There is a real appetite locally for the Minister to visit the area to see how the overloaded M42 and M6 easily snarl and how that relates to other transport infrastructure’.

‘I share in the concerns about the lack of joined-up thinking in the redesign of that junction, which is failing to take account of other planning proposals’.

 ‘Highways England needs to take account of the local authority plan, the fact that the interchange station for High Speed 2 is to be built at that location; and the fact that the airport has its own separate master plan’.