Information for residents - increased aircraft noise over North Solihull

I have been contacted by a number of residents about the Birmingham Airport Flight Path Consultation and reports of an increase in aircraft noise. Having already raised this matter, I want to provide residents with reassurances about the rumours that flight path trials have already begun and the reported increase in noise pollution.

As many residents will already be aware, Birmingham Airport is holding a consultation on its northbound flight paths. This is because of a new national programme to modernise UK airspace; regulated by the independent CAA, and which aims to deliver a safer, more efficient air traffic system for the UK.

In responding to local concerns they have said that are no flight path trials currently taking place and none of the existing flight paths have been changed. However, they have acknowledged that residents may have experienced an increase in noise over the past few weeks due to a greater number of aircraft using Runway 15 for (northbound) take-offs.

The reason for the increased use of Runway 15 was due to meteorological (weather) conditions resulting from a period of little or no change in prevailing winds. Regrettably, this has increased side line noise over communities in the B36 and B37 post code areas causing some residents to worry that the flight paths had been changed.

With this in mind, I would like to reassure residents that when I meet with the Airport over the coming weeks about the flight path consultation that I will endeavour to raise this issue with them to ensure that all possible steps are taken to ensure that the business of the airport can continue with minimum disruption to residents.

In the interim time, I would encourage affected residents to consider the proposals set out in the consultation, which is due to close on 9th October. The consultation can be fund here: