Government launches Carbon Monoxide alarm review in response to calls from local MPs

Dame Caroline has joined fellow Conservative MP, Eddie Hughes (Walsall North), in welcoming news that the Government will launch a review into rules that require carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in homes across England. The news comes after the MP for Walsall North tabled a private members bill on this issue in the House of Commons which Dame Caroline continues to support.

At the present time, around 8 million carbon monoxide alarms are currently installed in homes across England. These are a requirement when solid fuel appliances such as wood burning stoves and boilers are installed, as well as in private rental properties that feature a solid fuel appliance. However, the review will now consider whether there should be a blanket requirement to install alarms for all methods of heating, including gas and oil.

Launching later this year, the review will examine the regulations closely to establish whether they remain fit for purpose.

The review will also consider whether the cost of alarms is affecting installation rates and will look at new research into the number of carbon monoxide poisonings.

Housing Minister, Dominic Raab MP, said: "Carbon monoxide can be a silent killer and my top priority is to ensure people remain safe and protected in their own homes.

"Working with Eddie Hughes, who has a long track record of campaigning on this issue, this review will look into the adequacy of the current laws and ensure they are providing residents with the necessary protection."

Dame Caroline said, “I welcome this announcement by the Minister which will ensure that greater efforts are taken to tackle the risk posed by carbon monoxide - which itself is a silent killer that claims over 25 lives each year.

“As a proud supporter of this bill, I pay tribute to Eddie for making such a strong case for securing a change in the law which would safeguard millions against the threat of faulty stoves and boilers.

“I look forward to the outcome of the review and will continue to support this important campaign to protect against the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning."

In addition to Dame Caroline, the Redditch MP Rachel Maclean has been an active supporter of the bill.