Dame Caroline welcomes promise of Government inquiry into negligent cancer surgeon

Dame Caroline Spelman has welcomed a pledge by the Government to hold an inquiry into the actions of the controversial breast surgeon, Ian Paterson.
Paterson, who was found to have exaggerated or invented cancer risks in both NHS and private patients, was convicted of 17 counts of wounding with intent last month in a trial at Nottingham Crown Court.
Dame Caroline, the Conservative party candidate for Meriden, has been calling for a public inquiry since 2013.

Caroline Spelman demands inquiry into Solihull Hospital's suspended breast surgeon - Birmingham Mail, 2013 

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said his malpractice was "profoundly shocking".
Mr Hunt said Paterson "totally neglected" his duty of care for the patients he treated at two privately run West Midlands hospitals.
"As a result I have agreed that, if returned to government, we will hold a comprehensive and focused inquiry to ensure that any lessons are learnt in the interests of ensuring patients are protected in future.

"We will take any testimony from those affected, their families, and others who may wish to come forward."

MP calls for full public inquiry into surgeon Ian Paterson at both NHS and Spire Hospitals - Birmingham Mail, 2015

Dame Caroline said: “Having repeatedly called for a public inquiry into this case, I am pleased that a Conservative Government would hold a public inquiry to investigate this case.
“Prior to the dissolution of Parliament, I again wrote to Jeremy Hunt to reiterate my call for an inquiry because of the wider implications this case has on both the private and the public health sector.
“I am pleased that the Health Secretary has now committed to holding an investigation into the circumstances which allowed these crimes to be committed against hundreds of patients and I will continue to work closely with local victims and their families to ensure that we can guarantee greater safeguards for patients in the future”.