Dame Caroline Spelman in sixth bid to serve as Meriden MP

The Conservative Party has formally re-adopted Dame Caroline Spelman to contest the Meriden constituency in June’s General Election. Meriden’s local champion, Dame Caroline has served as the constituency’s MP since 1997 and in that time has taken up numerous individual cases and supported several charitable causes.

Dame Caroline said, “I am delighted to have been re-adopted by my local association to contest the Meriden constituency. It is a place I am proud to call ‘home’ and which I have been honoured to represent in Parliament for two decades.

“In that time I have been able to help many of you individually and I want to continue bringing my experience to bear in the challenges we all face. In recent years our region has enjoyed a renaissance in manufacturing and an economic growth rate of 7.7% - faster than that of China. It is for that reason I want to do all I can to help protect the jobs which so many of you have helped create.

“With your support, I will continue to fight for fairer school funding, to protect the Meriden gap - which remains under pressure for development, defend local NHS services and, work to make sure no one feels left behind or disadvantaged in our community.

“At the heart of our nation, Solihull borough is a great place to live with an enviable mix of successful businesses, rural landscapes and tight-knit communities and I sincerely hope that local residents will continue to place their trust in me to represent them for a sixth term”.

Councillor Diana Holl-Allen MBE, the Chairman of Meriden Conservatives said, “Dame Caroline has been our local champion in Parliament for twenty years. In that time she has supported more than 20,000 residents to tackle a variety of issues and has been an active campaigner across local communities.

“In calling this election, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, is working in the national interest to give our country the strongest possible hand as we enter into the EU negotiations and to ensure the UK has strong and stable Government for the future.

“Every vote cast in favour of Dame Caroline and the Conservatives on 8th June will serve to build a stronger Britain”.