Dame Caroline in bid to save the 0821 service from Berkswell

It has been brought to my attention that London Midland have proposed removing the 0821 service from Berkswell to Birmingham on the grounds that the service is too busy to stop there. I am astonished by this decision – as since when do you remove a service which is in demand?

Having caught the 0821 last week from Berkswell Station to Birmingham New Street, I have seen first-hand that just how popular this service is and I do not believe that the customers should be penalised in this way. For that reason, I have called on London Midland to put on more carriages to meet demand –after all, many commuters will recall that the platforms were lengthened to cater for longer trains.

Furthermore I would actively encourage people to go online and sign the petition which I am delighted to support.

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