North Solihull regeneration

There have been three red letter days for Chelmsley Wood over the past weeks when a new enterprise hub and a new Post Office branch were opened, and the Health Secretary visited the site for the new Craig Croft Medical Centre. The aspiration at the heart of regenerating this estate is to improve the quality of people's lives; bringing new job opportunities are part of that goal.

An interview with Nicky Morgan

Caroline invited Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, to come to the Meriden Constituency to speak to Conservative Party supporters. Nicky was kind enough to answer a few questions about the importance of education and training.

Col Bob Stewart interview

After giving a brilliant speech at the Solihull Conservative Association's Annual Dinner, Bob spoke to Caroline about some of the issues facing today's armed forces, and what role the UK should take in Syria. Bob was an Army Officer for 28 years, serving in Northern Ireland and Bosnia, before moving into business, and most recently, politics.

Caroline pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

In the wake of the recent sad news of Nelson Mandela’s death, Caroline Spelman MP has joined in offering her heartfelt condolences to Mandela’s family and paying tribute to his life and the key role he played in facilitating South Africa’s peaceful transition from apartheid during the 1990s.

Gay Marriage Vote

A large number of my constituents have been in touch with me about the issue of Gay Marriage that was debated in the House of Commons yesterday evening.