Caroline meets with black majority churches to raise awareness of trafficking victims

Caroline Spelman, Local MP, has been working as a member of the Modern Day Slavery Bill that will soon be going through Parliament.  The Bill looks at ways of ensuring victims of trafficking, forced labour and slavery are recognised and protected under the Law.  It also looks at ways of ensuring that those who perpetrate these abominable crimes are brought to justice more swiftly.

Caroline said: “The meeting with the Committee and members of Black Majority Churches was with the aim of discussing ways that churches can help in recognising the signs of trafficked victims, and reach out to offer a safe haven, especially to those who are being kept in servitude, and may not be aware of their rights.  This is one of many initiatives to raise awareness so that churches, communities and society at large can help in the battle against human trafficking and modern day slavery, and I highly commend the members of these churches for their enthusiasm to help  with this.”